Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

Smartphones aren't cheap and it's practically a good investment especially if you're the type of person who's always on the move and you need a phone that can pretty much do a lot of things. The Galaxy S6 is one of the best smartphones in the market and with its current price tag of $500+, it's important to have at least some layers of protection for mishaps. Buying a case would really be the next thing to do after getting the new Samsung's flagship. There are a lot of cases that are readily available on the market that you can check out. Here are some of the top Samsung Galaxy S6 cases along with short reviews about them to help you decide in which phone case to get.

samsung galaxy s6 cases

Galaxy S6 Lifeproof Fre

galaxy s6 lifeproof fre waterproof caseIf you're not familiar with Lifeproof, they are the makers of military standard phone cases. The Lifeproof Fre case for Samsung Galaxy S6 offers waterproof, dust, dirt and snow proof for your phone. The case comes with a built-in screen protector to guard the precious screen from cracks and scratches. The button covers are more elevated so that you can have a more tactile feel in pressing your buttons. The earphones and the charging port are also covered with latches that easy to open when you want to use it. The camera and the speaker are covered with glass to give protection to your phone but while still being accessible. The excess bulk that the case offers doubles the phone thickness but it gives you drop protection from 2 meter fall as well as water immersion to 2 meters for 1 hour. In terms of certificates, the case meets the Military Standard (810G-516.6) and Ingress Protection (IP-68). One of the issues with the screen protector is that there's an annoying pillow effect when you're pressing on the screen but because of the all around protection from this case, it's definitely worth getting. With this case, you can take pictures while you're under water and you won't have to worry about getting water in your phone. When taking the case off, you'll need a coin to open the sides and you have to be careful to not damage the clips. These are the ones responsible for sealing the case and weather proofing it. There are rumors that Lifeproof are working on Waterproof Galaxy S6 Battery Case which is an enhanced version of the Fre case combined with a 2200mAh battery, but nothing is confirmed yet. The case is sold for $79.99 via the offical Lifeproof website.

SPIGEN Tough Armor Galaxy S6

slim armor for galaxy s6This is one of the msot popular cases for Galaxy Note 5, the elder brother of the S6. It may look like a simple snap-on case but it has actually a really tough cover making it one of the most durable Samsung Galaxy S6 cases on the market. It looks pretty sleek and cool but the protection it offers is actually a big pro on this one. The corners of the case have a thick layer of rubber to act as the shock absorber in  case you drop the phone on a flat surface. The case is no non-sense simple and sleek design that gives your phone a sturdy looking protection with a sexy attitude to it. All the buttons on the side are tactile and it has a snug fit when you put your phone in it. Aside from that small detail, the case looks gorgeous. One thing that you'll also like with this case is that it comes with a 90-days warranty card. The case comes in multiple colors and sold for $18.99 on Amazon (UK price: £10.99).

Obliq Galaxy S6 Edge Case

golden galaxy s6 edge caseThe Obliq Ultra Slim Fit case is made of Polycarbonate and metal. This case gives your full body protection while still giving complete access to buttons, camera and ports. The case is quite slim which is really nice if you don’t prefer the extra bulk while still having a sense of assurance for your Samsung S6. The case has a soft non-slip matte surface, which gives it a perfect grip while it’s in your hand. The Obliq Ultra Slim Fit case comes in different colors that you can choose from. If ever you choose black (my fav one) or White and Gold, the case looks and feels amazing while still keeping your phone safe from mishaps. The case is retailed at $14.99 for both S6 and S6 Edge.

Otterbox Symmetry

ottebox symmetry case samsung galaxy s6The Otterbox Symmetry is a sleek and stylish 2-piece case that’s built for drop protection and scratch protection. The design of the case will surely not ruin your style with this pocket-friendly case. The one-piece construction is great for the simple, one-step installation. A synthetic rubber interior keeps your phone safe from the drops because it will absorb the shock. The hard polycarbonate exterior will hold the scratches that your phone might get from contacts with surfaces. The raised edges of the case are bevelled to protect the screen from flat surface drops, keeping the screen of your phone unscathed. The button covers are very much tactile when pressing them and the holes are perfectly cut out for easy access. You will have a several colors that you can choose from when you’re getting this case for $39.95 from the official website or from Amazon.

Verus Wallet Case

verus wallet case for galaxy s6 edgeOne of the best Galaxy S6 wallet cases with beautiful leather style that has a Vintage feel to it. It has a two tone PU Leather where you can conveniently put some IDs and Credit Cards on the inside pockets. It has a functional design and the case can protect your phone from all kind of scratches or impacts. A magnetic lock keeps it closed when it’s inside your pocket or when you’re holding it in your hand. Overall, it’s a case worth getting if you’re the type of person who likes the classic feel of leather that’s going to be paired with a new technology such as the all new Samsung Galaxy S6. You can get this case from Amazon for $22.21 while the Galaxy S6 Edge case version worth only $20.99.

Spigen Capsule Ultra Rugged

slim galaxy s6 caseThe robotic looking case from Spigen looks like an Ironman suit in that certainly gives an Ironman like protection because of its quality components. It has a TPU case with the interior designed in a spider web pattern and raises the lip with 1.2mm protection. The rise in the lip acts as a shock absorber when your phone drops on a flat surface, because of its air cushion technology in its interior, your Samsung Galaxy S6 is more protected than ever before. When the case is on, the buttons are still tactile enough to be used and all the ports are still accessible. It’s never a surprise that Spigen does really well with their cases for smartphones like the new Samsung S6. The glossy accents and the carbon fiber texture really gives a new and cool look for your new phone. The Spigen Capsule case is one of the best accessories for Galaxy S6 and comes in Black with Gold, Red and Gunmetal Accents and available on the market for $11.99 (£6.99 in the UK)

Caseology Dual Layer Armor

caseology case for galaxy s6These are snap-on cases that are pretty much for those people who like to keep it minimal. They're made with two layers; rubber would be holding your phone inside while plastic will cover the outside. It fits comfortably in your hand and it isn't really bulky in your pocket. Though it will add a little bit on the size, it's still worth it because of the protection it can offer. The usual drops or small scratches at the back are no match for this case. There are actually two designs of these cases. The original one has a smooth surface on the back while the other one has a perforated back. It would be noticeable that these cases are easy to snap on and easy to take off so whenever you feel like cleaning your phone, you wouldn't have to worry about scratching it. Amazon sells them for $7.99 (UK: £11.65) and there are a lot of different colors and designs.

Spigen Neo Hybrid

galaxy s6 spigen neo hybridThe Neo Hybrid case from Spigen is a snap-on case that fits perfectly well with the new Galaxy S6. It has a perforated back part that feels amazing smooth and soft but helps for better grip. Looking at it by the side, you will notice the elevated lip that can protect your screen from drops on a flat surface. The holes for the camera, the flash, speaker, USB 3.0 port and earphone jack are perfectly cut out. The entire button covers on the side are also perfectly aligned so it's a big plus that this case fits perfectly on your Samsung S6. You can buy it for a bargain on Amazon for around $19 (£15.99) with various color options such as Satin Silver, Metal Slate, Yellow, Electric Blue, Dante Red and Copper Gold.

Otterbox Defender

samsung galaxy s6 defender case from otterboxOtterbox has always made hardcore protection cases for different phones. The Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy S6 offers a 3-layer protection for your new phone. There’s a built-in screen protector, a polycarbonate shell and a synthetic rubber slipcover, which all the while, keeps your phones safe from drops and dusts. The screen protector will show the scratches and scuffs that the case will sustain. The case however, makes your phone a little bulky because of the extra layer of protection that it offers. Nonetheless, if you like taking your phone out on your daily adventures then this case, with its’ different colors to choose from, is definitely the one that should be keeping your Samsung Galaxy S6 safe from harm’s way. This case also comes with a holster so your phone is more accessible for you and for hands-free viewing.  USA and Canada customer can order the Defender from the official Otterbox website for  $59.90 while UK shoppers can buy it from Amazon for £39.99.

GMYLE Wallet Case

 galaxy s6 edge wallet caseThe GMYLE wallet case is something like the Verus Wallet case except that it has a lighter and two-toned colors. This light colored leather case for Galaxy S6 can also function as a stand view cover when you want to watch on your phone while it’s on a table. There are pockets in the case where you can put cash or cards so that you won’t have to bring that much things when you’re moving around. There’s a magnetic closure flap that protects your smartphone from scratches and the accidental drops that can usually happen while you’re using your new gadget. The case doesn’t cover the buttons and holes so you can still charge your phone or answer a call without opening the case thanks to the precise cut-out of the phone speaker. Finally, the Gmyle wallet case for Galaxy S6 Edge sells at relatively small price of just $8.99 (UK: £6.98) while the S6 edition retails at $11. I would suggest looking at Gmyle range of cases as they make one of the best Samsung Galaxy S6 leather cases.

iBlason Armor Box

iblason galaxy s6 armorboxThe iBlason Armor Box is 2-layer case for Samsung Galaxy S6. It has a screen protector and a back protector that you snap together. All the buttons, speaker and the camera are still usable even when you put it on. The screen protector really comes in handy especially when you like putting your phone in your pocket along with your keys or coins. It can protect your phone from those nasty scratches that can happen while it’s inside your pocket. The case will feel more bulky because of the added size but that's reconcilable because of the extra layer of protection. You can't expect something so sturdy to be so thin, don't you? With this case,  your phone is well protected against drops, shocks and other accidental impacts. These Galaxy S6 tough cases come in Black, Blue, Green, Pink and White and sold for $9.99 on Amazon (Amazon UK: £9.99).


Otterbox Commuter

ottebox commuter case galaxy s6This 2-part Samsung Galaxy S6 case is made with a synthetic rubber internal slipcover, a polycarbonate shell exterior that comes with a self-adhesive screen protector. The Otterbox Commuter can protect your device from your daily grinds with this slim sleeve. The tight-fitting port and plug covers can keep the grit and grime from building up in your jacks, ports and inputs, which is also great when, you’re mostly in dusty areas. The case also comes with a 1-year warranty, which isn’t available in most other phone case offerings in the market. You can even customize your own case with the variety of color options that are available when you’re ordering the case.


 Samsung Galaxy S6 S-View Case

galaxy s6 s view white case coverThis is the best premium Galaxy S6 case that Samsung offers for its flagship phone. The case now comes in two styles: the sleek leather affect design or the new premium fabric style. the intuitive small box hole on the front where you can view half of your phone screen through even when it's closed. This is handy when you just want to check the time, weather, messages, emails, accept or reject call or simply use your camera to take a quick snap. Unlike its predecessor, this case does not  replace your back cover because as you may know -  it's irreplaceable! The side buttons can still be used and all the cut outs are perfectly in place. What's cool about this case is there's a smart action that when you open the case, the screen also turns on so you don't really have to press anything to use the phone. One experience with these cases that might bother is that there is no secure flap or magnet to keep the front flip securely attached to the phone. Also, some users complained that the other official Samsung Clear case has ruined their screens so be extra careful. This flip Galaxy S6 case sells on Amazon andfor roughly $44.99 (£27 in UK) and comes in various colours.

ACEABOVE Wallet Cover

wallet stand case for galaxy s6This case is much like the previous Galaxy S6 leather cases from GMYLE and Verus except that this one uses Genuine Leather for the cover with a hand strap which is a plus point if you prefer strapping your case to your hand. The case can also function as a stand like the GMYLE and it also has pockets for loose cash and cards. There wouldn’t be a need to take the case off when you’re charging or if you want to plug in your earphones since the cut out are well in place. There’s also a cut out for the speaker/mic when answering a phone call. This leather case comes in Black, Dark Brown, Purple and Chestnut and available for both theS6 and the Edge for $35.99.

RINGKE Fusion Case

galaxy s6 light caseThe RINGKE Fusion Case is a transparent 2-part case that shows off the natural beauty of your new Samsung Galaxy S6. If you prefer seeing your phone a little naked even with a case on, this phone case is definitely for you. It offers a drop protection for those accidental falls that your phone might sustain. The case also features a new active touch technology that gives a more natural responsive feel when you press the side buttons on your phone. It also comes with dust plugs for the ports on your new Galaxy S6, which can keep dust off from coming inside the holes. You can also personalize the case over and over with the help of DIY videos that are readily available on YouTube. The case also comes with HD clear protective films for the front and the back of your S6. So if you looking for a clear and light case for Galaxy S6, this is the case to get with its affordable price.

Supcase Water Resistant Galaxy S6 Case

supcase water resistant case galaxy s6This case is not a waterproof sealed cover but rather a water resistant. This means that submerge in water or prolonged exposure to moisture is not recommended. The earphone jack and the charging port are open, which makes it impossible to be waterproof. However, it will sustain accidental splashes or liquids thanks a built-in screen protector. It's a 3-part case that comes with 2 interchangeable back covers. You can choose between Black, Silver and Gold if you feel like changing the back part just by clipping it. It's a very rugged case that can really give a lot of protection for your phone but don't buy it if you want your phone to be water proof, instead check our top Galaxy S6 Waterproof cases collection. It is however a little bulky because of the added 5mm on your Galaxy S6 size. It's a great case to take into your adventures or days out. Aside from the 3 different back covers that come with the box, there are a lot of other designs that you can choose from. The case sells for $19.99 on Amazon

Poetic Heavy Duty Case

galaxy s6 tough caseIt’s a 3-part case like the one from SUPCASE minus the holster. It has a different design but this one comes with a water resistant screen protector. The screen protector also acts likes a buffer from scratches. The case protects the phone from maximum drops and major shocks from accidents. The case doesn’t hinder any of the buttons and ports are sealed to limit dust accumulation. The buttons are still easily accessible since the case perfectly aligns with the phone and the port covers can easily be opened if you want to charge your phone with a cord or plug in your headset. The Poetic Heavy Duty case also comes with a 3-year warranty, which really makes it a good buy since other manufacturers only offer 1-year warranties. This Galaxy S6 phone case comes in Black, Blue, Red and White to give your options to choose from when buying this case. Poetic does build Galaxy S6 Edge case and sellls it for $19.99.

 SPIGEN Slim Armor

spigen slim armor galaxy s6The Spigen Slim Armor is one of the best slim Samsung Galaxy S6 cases that's just perfect if you like your phone to be thin but protected. It's a nice slim case with a perfectly cut out holes for all the ports that you'll need access to. It safely protects your Samsung S6 from drops but you have to worry about the screen if you drop it on some gravel or an uneven floor because it does not come with a screen protector. This case comes in a smooth or perforated back. The cover of the buttons doesn't feel funny when you press it which is nice because some cases have cover that aren't aligned well with the phone buttons on the side. The case also comes with a warranty card and there are 5 different colors to choose from. Amazon retails this at $19.99 and you can also choose other back case designs from there.

SUPCASE Galaxy S6 Rugged Case

galaxy s6 rugged caseIt would be no surprise that you would bring your Samsung Galaxy S6 for outdoor activities especially because of its 16mp camera. With the SUPCASE Full-Body Rugged Holster Case, you can feel assured that your phone will be safe from the different outdoor elements. This case is built for heavy use and outdoor activities except water activities as it's not warerproof. It can easily protect your phone from dust and debris and the holster can hold it perfectly in place while it’s in it. The case itself has a soft layer for the interior with a hard TPU case and a built in screen protector. All the functions and buttons are still accessible even if the phone is encased in it. The SUPCASE Rugged Case for Samsung S6 is available in different colors and sold for $18.99 for the S6 and $21.99 for Galaxy S6 Edge protection.

iBlason Kickstand

iblason kickstand case for samsung galaxy s6If you're looking for Galaxy S6 case with kickstand, this will definitely be handy for you. It's a 2 piece snap-on case that includes a belt holster. It has an inner piece made of silicone that can protect it from the usual drops and bumps. A plastic holder will hold the silicone, which has a stand that you can rotate for 180 degrees that you can use to make it as a stand for your phone and this plastic holder can be attached to the belt holster that comes with it. You would notice that when your putting this on your phone, you'll need a little bit of adjusting because it's not that snug. That's the only slight problem that you'll have with this one. These cases for Galaxy S6 come in Black, Red, Blue, Mint Green and Purple for $14.99 on Amazon.

Verus Air Space Cushion

samsung galaxy s6 edge caseHere’s a thin but rugged case for Galaxy S6 from Verus . It has a beautiful plastic back plate with a soft interior to keep your phone snuggly fit. The dual layering is a perfect combination from drops and scratches from flat surfaces. The design is comfortable enough for gripping the phone with the case on it. All the phone’s buttons and ports are still accessible since the cut out are exactly aligned. There’s not much to complain about this case but there’s a lot to love about it. The Verus Air Space Cushion case comes in a different luxurious two-tone finish colors and all of them have an accented vibrant frame. Each color is simple elegant in its own ways, so I am not sure you won't be disappinted with your $17.22 investment of this protective cover for your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.

SPIGEN Ultra Hybrid

spigen ultra hybrid galaxy s6The Ultra Hybrid is a snap-on case with a transparent back part. There's no fit and finish issues and the phone will snap on easily with this case. There's nothing to worry about when you drop your phone on a flat surface like your table or your floor as long as it's an even surface. Dropping it on sand or gravel might cause some scratches and could cause some damage on your screen. There's a small lip TPU style on the side and a polycarbonate protection at the back. All the holes are cut perfectly for our speakers, camera and USB 3.0 slot on the bottom. All the button covers won't have problems when you're pressing them on this case. A screen protector film and a warranty card are also included in the box when you buy this case. You can buy this Galaxy S6 case on Amazon for $10.99 for the Mint, $11.99 for Crystal Clear or Metal Slate, $12.99 for Blue, $13.99 for Black and Copper Gold.


 Bastex Protective Armor Case

white galaxy s6 caseThis two-toned, shiny rhinestone case from Bastex is a heavy-duty phone case thats's specifically and uniquely designed to keep your phone compeletely safe. The dual-layer silicone cover is enclosed in a hard shell that will certainly protects your new phone from bumps, drops and other common accidents that can happen. The case has all the cut outs in the perfect place, giving complete and easy access to the buttons, charging ports and holes for the jacks of the additional hardware that you would be using your Galaxy S6 with. The Bastex Protective Armor case comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from, each having its own unique character that can easily show your personal preferences. Each package of a Bastex Protective Armor case contains a cleaning cloth that you can use for wiping the dirt or grime off from your phone screen before applying the screen protector. The case sells for an affordable price of just $9.99 for the S6 and $7.99 for the Galaxy S6 edge case.

Whatever case you decide on getting, it's highly recommended that you get a case along with your Samsung S6 since it's almost always an accident when your phone slips from your hand or you were just too unaware when you were using it unless of course you intentionally threw your phone to a surface just like in the movies. Of course, there's also the occasion when kids might get your phone and play with it ending with a cracked screen or worse, a broken phone. It's also better to invest on a sturdy case since phones doesn't necessarily come with phone insurance from nasty accidents that phone manufacturers don't really cover. Regrets are always on the last part for a reason and from experience, it's always better to spend on a quality case rather than be stressed out over a $500 broken phone.

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